Adult babies chat sites for iphone

by  |  14-Sep-2017 05:50

In the i Pad app store there are numerous applications available for individuals with special needs.

Here are seven assistive communication apps for the i Pad that you may find useful: Company: Assistive Ware Price: 9 Rating: 4 ½ Starts (284 Ratings) Proloque2Go is the most well known of of all the assistive communications apps on the i Pad. Still the 9 you spend (0 for i Pad and 9 for Proloque2go) is far cheaper than dedicated AAC devices.

Augmentative communication (AAC for short) is an alternative way to help students and adults with language disorders use expressive language or receptive language.

Augmentative communication can be accomplished through assistive technology devices such as computers or hand held devices.

With it, you will never have to guess at an individuals’ wants and needs and will break down the barriers of communication for individuals with special needs.

Two complaints about Voice4U are that the illustrations are not the best and that you are limited to 9 categories.

The app is very easy for individuals with special needs to navigate through the menus.

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