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by  |  12-Jul-2017 23:50

I saw newspapers that had photos of “Wanted Homosexuals” so I am not surprised at all about Uganda being in the news this month in regards to their stance on homosexuality.

I learned a lot about the donations from abroad and where that money actually goes, which is why I now only donate to NGO’s where I know someone involved or know very detailed information about where the money goes.

I want to know that is truly trickles down to the people who need it.

”“What do you think of your president now, Museveni?

” (Who gained control by coup, village raids, and murder. The UN found over 5,000 kids in Museveni’s army)(I don’t think the lake was actually red in Uganda, but the Hutu dumped the Tutsi bodies in Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world.

Did they know months later, after speculation of fraud, the man in charge, Jason Russell of I. was found naked, masturbating, and rambling in the streets of San Diego?

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