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Shoreham-by-Sea workhouse site, 1875 Later additions to the buildings included infirmaries in 1870, 1880, and 1893, vagrants' wards, and a chapel.

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Established at BMI The Esperance Hospital in Eastbourne in 1989, the Sussex Downs Fertility Centre has developed into a highly successful unit providing a wide range of specialised assisted reproductive therapies.

In September 2012, a satellite consulting clinic was opened at BMI Goring Hall Hospital in Worthing.

These became known as Home 1 (for older boys), Home 2 (under-eights), and Home 3 (for older girls).

The old workhouse buildings at the west of the site were subsequently demolished.

As well as the main homes site, the union also operated children's "cottage homes" just to the north of St Wilfrid's — two in Gordon Road and four at the east end of Rosslyn Road.

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