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Once the sag is comfortable, climb in and lay with your feet on one side of the centerline and your head on the other side...diagonal across the center of the hammock.

You should be able to lay almost completely flat this way.

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Click Here to make your own hammock (Instructional pics) If you compare hammock and ground setups with comparable features (bug protection, tarp size, comfort, etc), the weights are pretty close.

It's possible for hammock setups to be lighter, but for the systems that most folks carry I think a hammocker will generally carry a few more ounces than a ground dweller.

For example, I often sleep about 45° onto my right side..quite a side sleeper, but not on my back, either.

It's a very comfortable position that I can't get comfortable in if I'm on the ground.

The first few times I slept in a hammock I had a little lower back pain, but once I learned a few tricks like putting a clothing-filled stuff sack between my legs, the pain went away.

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