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Frankly, I wish more people would look at that list and move to those cities instead of still flocking to the US. As far as cities go, there's nothing wrong with it, but I've been to a few cities that I think would be way nicer to live in. Again, I've never visited Australia, so I can't really say how much I'd like it there for sure and I'm only speculating. Update: I've now been to Vienna, Munich, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Toronto, Hamburg, and Stockholm. The impression I got from this quiz is that it is useless to have a survey of most livable counties. Violence and rape is out of control in many EU countries now, and I'm pretty sure all German cities will lose their place on this list.

In general my opinion of these places, versus my expectations prior to visiting them, has been revised down. People consider "livable' in different ways, and every city has got slums and mansions, like it or not.

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House prices are astronomical and first time buyers can't get on the property ladder, even to buy a terraced house. It's the same in many areas of the UK and we are also considered to be a rich country, just like America. I lived there 30 years and never once witnessed a violent crime take place.

There are a lot of countries in Europe who should also be ashamed, as many of their people are living in abject poverty. We have poor people but they happen to be the richest poor people in the world. But go ahead and keep thinking America is such a bad place. I received so much in federal and state financial aid during college I made a profit.

Hopefully that'll stop people from the rest of the world from wanting to come here. Amsterdam: too expensive and cold but as stated previously still one of the places I like most in Europe. and public transport in many cities is perfectly fine. I didn't expect Sydney to be on this list, because there are a lot of shootings there today. It is expensive, but its liveable ;)And Wellington has far too many hill to be comfortable to live in. However, that Auckland house crisis thing is a serious issue.

I didn't say America was a bad place, I said that in a rich country, the abject poverty that still exists should be considered absolutely shameful. I don't especially want to live in the US, but seriously, you people are hilarious. When you look at the scores, the difference between Vienna (108.6), Stockholm (104.5) and San Francisco (103.0) are very small, meaning that most Western developed cities are generally quite livable (New York gets a base score of 100). So the places with the lowest alcohol consumption are the least liveable? In June, Herne Bay (in Auckland) became New Zealand's first suburb to reach an average house price of NZD $2 million.

I would like to reiterate the paramount importance of climate. So all the countries here are either Europe, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. I mean, don't get me wrong, those are all definitely very high quality of life locations, but I'm pretty sure that Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka would be up around the level of Munich. I'm not saying the United States is better than everyone, because every country has its flaws and weaknesses.

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