Online dating for mentally challenged actors

by  |  24-Nov-2017 17:51

The most obvious thing to do is get to know the women and then after you get to know her you should know enough about her to chat about things that strike her interest.

If you ask her for her name and then try to have deep conversations, then you will run out of things to say.

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You don't start a game of chess with a move you've never done before, one you don't know will get you results. Ask things that you KNOW you can not only get them to respond to, but that you have enough knowledge about to send a couple messages before discovering something else.

You branch off like a web, you start in the middle, and then keep going off and off and off, branching off of new things that you learn about them so that your conversation doesn't get stale about talking about one thing.

Just how if you talk to them like that, they basically shut you out. I can always find something witty, intelligent, political, funny or just simple general banter to converse about.

You have to let the conversation flow naturally as if you are chatting in real life.

I would rather skip the messages and go straight to a conversation. I find most women will know if they are interested by then and the rest were often wasting your time.

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