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Well, there's jasmine, but as many of us know, Alien is a jasmine bomb while this is predominantly vanilla. I'm a huge sucker for vanilla but I'm not keen on things that are overly sweet.

This is perfect because the jasmine and mandarin leaf cut through the sweetness to stop the vanilla becoming cloying.

Il renforçait le noir de sa tenue et ajoutait un coté mystèrieux à sa présence. This just smelled like chemicals to me at the mall. Then I tried Angel for the first time and that smelled yummy and I was relieved I liked something because I'd been trying a bunch of popular scents I turned out not to like.

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Sorry for those who have a different take on this but complete scrubber for me.

I’m kind of surprised that Dior Addict made it so high on the list of best fragrances in the recently concluded Fragrantica poll.

Dior has a knack for these amazing vanilla scents, it’s hard to choose a favorite between this and Hypnotic Poison (I lean more towards Addict because I LOVE sandalwood)but they are both beautiful wardrobe worthy scents.

I know I've smelled addict before but it was years ago.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad scent - it’s just that I get an impression that it’s not so popular anymore.

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