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Water supply intermittent in dry weather, and hence insufficient flushing of waterclosets in summer. Po NTYPOOL Urban District (Monmouthshire) ; popu- lation (1901), 6,126 ; Dr. Ground of Inquiry : Outbreak of enteric fever in 1906.

Part of the sewage discharged into the river untreated. 276, Price 8d.] Authority concerned : Pontypool Urban District Council.

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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. The vacancies arising through the appointment of Dr. As heretofore he advised on public health questions affecting this country's Dependencies and Colonies, which have been referred to the Board by the Foreign Office and by the Colonial Office, and similarly he was consulted respecting legislative measures contemplated by the Privy Council and bearing directly or indirectly on health questions. Parsons again acted in 1906-7 as the Board's representative upon the Committee of Advice on the Geological Survey. Kitchin, the Board's Architect, also commenced an enquiry into the construction of isolation hospitals, with the view especially of ascertaining how the essential requirements of such hospitals could be met without excessive cost. Bruce Low has continued to serve on the Committee which was appointed by the Advisory Board for the Army Medical Services "to direct a course of investigation into the practical prophylactic and therapeutic value of current methods of immunisation against enteric fever." This investigation is still proceeding. Last year's report referred to the considerations which led to the formation of a special subdivision of the Medical Depart- ment for duty in relation to questions affecting the purity and wholesomeness of the food supplies of the country. The work done by these two officers included inquiries in regard to certain local and general administrative questions arising under the Sale of Food and Drugs Acts and various communications with public analysts and other local officers concerned with the collection and examination of foods under those Acts. Status (numerically) of Counties in regard of percentage of Births Vaccinated in 1893-97 and in the year 1905. Personal contact also concerned in the spread of the disease. Crowding of houses upon area, and overcrowding of persons. Insufficient flushing of waterclosets owing to intermittent water supply. Shbbbnbsss Urban District (Kent) ; population (1901), without garrisons, 14,293 ; Dr. Authority concerned : Sheerness Urban District Council.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. S., and I submit it, therefore, without any lengthy comment. Fam, assistant inspector attached to the national vaccine establishment, Vlll attained the prescribed limit of age and vacated his appointment. He gave evidence on May 10th, 1906, before the Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Small Holdings Bill on the subject of Building Byelaws in Rural Districts. In pursuance of this policy during the year under review. Buchanan continued to act as inspector of foods, Dr. Special reference may be made to a report IX by pr. (Yaodnated) 21-0 67-7 26-6 610 20-8 66-4 19-9 68-7 17-3 4-5 70-8 16-2 3-6 74-8 14-7 4-0 75-4 14-6 4'S 75-3 14-8 48 75-8 Medical Officer's Report. " Abstention " (legal and illegal) from Vaccination and " Acceptance " of Vaccination in England and Wales in 1893-97 and in subsequent years. Sewers in parts of the town antiquated and dilapidated. Ground of Inquiry : To ascertain what action had been taken by the Urban District Council to carry out the recommendations made by Dr.

PAGE MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT: 1.— Supba-Dbpartmbntal Businbss viii 2.— Administration in rblation to Foods ... — Cholera xv 7.— Auxiliary Scientific Investigations ... 3.— Local Housing Conditions and Administration, illustrated by Extracts from Reports made by Medical Inspectors in 1906-7 31 No. There would be no diminution of expense to the district should the Board determine to refuse sanction to the appointment of Inspector of Nuisances being held conjointly with that of Assistant Surveyor, as in such case there would be no repayment from the county funds of a moiety of the salary of the Inspector of Nuisances, and the services of a third officer would be lost to the district. Turbid yellow white fluid with clots in it Normal milk. No fluid could be obtained at all from the affected quartejr, but samples were obtained from the three presumably h^thy quarters. This table shows that, unlike Case I., the other quarters were not at all involved. of the milk fi-om each quarter were added to broth and examined in hanging drop preparations after two days' incubation. Also for ieach of the three quarters part of the centril'ugalised deposit was distributed over an agar plate. Calved about nine days before the sample was collected, Alpiost immediately Bacterial Studies of Milk : Savage.

viii 3.— Gbnbral Administrative Business of THE Medical Department ix 4.— Vaccination and Public Vaccination ... The best sanitary interests of a district are not served when an Inspector of Nuisances is subordinated in his work to a Surveyor. Lailey has been appointed Resident Engineer to the extensive new sewage disposal works, and work in the Surveyor's Department seems to have increased. This case is only introduced here to show the condition of the other quarters in a case of mild parenchymatous mastitis, affecting only one quarter. Not more than 65 per cent, of the leucocytes were of the polymorphonuclear variety. The number of colonies were scanty on all the plates, and no strep- tococci could be isolated. 245 after (ialying the milk from the left hind quarter failed, and none conld be obtained from it, although the milk from the other three quarters was quite unafl Pected.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Sir William Power retired in January, 1908, his period of ofl Sce having been brilliant in scientific advancement and marked by great sanitary amelioration throughout the country. Mac Fadden regarding the contamination of tartaric acid. ("Exempted;' "post- poned," and "re- ( Exemptiom alom) , . Buchanan in his Report on the Sanitary Circumstances and Administration of, and as to the Prevalence of Enteric Fever in the Urban District of Sheerness, 1905.

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