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Huge debates raged about which method - paper or abacus - was better.With calculators and computers, the use of the abacus has declined even more.This meant they could "rub out" as they calculated.

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In fact, it is thought that the word "abacus" comes from the Greek word "abax" meaning tray/table/tablet which originated from the Semitic word "abq" which translates as dust/sand.

s was initially made from a small, flat piece of wood or bone and coated with wax. The Roman abacus was very similar to the ancient Chinese abacus.

Between 90 BC, people in the Middle East were using stones, clay objects, rods and spheres to perform calculations.

Each different type of object represented a different order of size in their counting system.

This is one of the first versions of what we now call the .

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