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The remaining dishes were more classic Irish fare, starting with bangers and mash with peas, caramelised onion and gravy ().I loved getting a vegan version of this kind of classic pub food, and so much about it was perfect - wonderful gravy, creamy mash and beautifully cooked onions.Positive Brunswick reviews from What Em Did, Parma Daze and Gourmet Chick are of the meaty menu.

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They were still sorting out the menu when we visited - there were just four dishes on offer and things were still changing from night to night.

They're promising that a bigger menu is on its way, including vegan options for weekend brunch. The kitchen got us started with Guinness bread and Nuttelex while we workshopped our options.

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This would be the case if the preferred stock is convertible into common stock without any restriction, has the same voting rights as the common stock, and trades at a price close to the conversion ratio.

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